The Academic Medic ~ English & Maths Tuition For Ages 8 - 14.

Hi there!

My name is Emma Lansley and I am the creator of,   'The Academic Medic'. 

I have many years of experience in working as an English Consultant, as well as an English and Maths Tutor. I am also a Certified Life Coach and Mentor, and this folks is where the fun of learning begins.

You see, everyone is smart but the trouble is, everyone learns at a different pace. Unfortunately, this is where students get left behind in class. The Academic Medic leaves no-one behind!

I strive to encourage students to gain a well deserved confidence through learning, and to understand that getting questions wrong is just the normal process of gaining knowledge. 
I am a private tuition service, and I teach all classes myself. I guarantee that your child will receive very friendly,  highly professional, and fun classes, always. 


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                   The Academic Medic 


Telephone: 07823550484 (Emma).