The Academic Medic ~ English & Maths Tuition For Ages 8 - 14.

Prepare For September 2020!

My aim is to reach out to as many students as I can, because everyone deserves help with Education and Learning.

Start Date: Monday 7th September 2020.

 One English Class With Up To 4 Other Students (40 minutes) £9.00

One Maths Class With Up To 4 Other Students (40 minutes) £9.00

What Students will Learn

Key Stage 2 English:

Mondays ~ Reading & Writing.

With comprehension activities, book reviews, biographies, stories, Different themes and topics.

The understanding of writing: Sentence structure, words and vocabulary, SPaG (spelling, punctuation, and grammar).

Wednesdays ~ Speaking & Listening.

Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poems, Plays, Folktales, drama.

Key Stage 2 Maths:

Tuesdays ~ Numbers & Calculations

Place Value, Negative Numbers, Factors, Multiples & Primes, Square & Cube Numbers.

Adding & Subtracting, Multiplying & Dividing, Rounding & Estimating.

Thursdays ~ Algebra, Fractions, Percentages, Ratio.

Key Stage 3 English:

Mondays ~ Reading & Writing.

Reading skills, Literature, Writing to inform & explain, Writing to describe, Writing to review & comment, Writing to analyze, Creative & Narrative writing, Fiction/Non-Fiction writing.

Wednesdays ~ Speaking & Listening.

Debating & Arguing, Drama.

What do words say about us?

Why does language change over time?

Key Stage 3 Maths:

Tuesdays ~ Algebra & Numbers.

Place Value, Distance, Speed & Time, Ratio & Proportion, Prime Numbers, Factors & Multiples, Powers & Roots, Decimals, Positive & Negative Numbers, Fractions, Percentages.

Fridays ~ Shape, Space & Measures.

Pythagoras, Angles, Shapes, Symmetry, Perimeter, Area & Volume, Measurement, Trigonometry.

Telephone: 07823550484 (Emma).